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Contact Us

Business phone:(907)746-2746

Business fax:(907)746-1991

Normal business hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

We are located in the Matanuska Valley, in Palmer Alaska.

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Then click the following link and write to this Old Plumber. Please refer to the "Useful Information" section below to help ensure that your experience is as helpful as possible.
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Products and Vendors

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Here is a brief list of some of the quality products and vendors that we use here at A-laska Plumbing, Heating and Construction Services:

Useful Information

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When contacting us about questions regarding services, it is always good practice to have some critical information at hand.

  • 1.)The name or type of product or appliance in question.(tub,water heater, furnace, etc..)
  • 2.)Manufacturer of product.
  • 3.)Model number of the product(if available).
  • 4.)Serial number of the product(if available).
  • 5.)A brief description of the problem. (i.e. "Any unusual sound, smells, etc.)